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Useuful Links

These are the useful links for the travellers:-|

National Parks

Taman Negara Nationalpark:

handy stuff

International Country Calling Codes and World Time Zones :

Weather in Malaysia (Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation) :

Cinemas in Malaysia :

Travel Guides / Malaysia Information

WikiTravel: Malaysia : - official tourism website : - official portal of tourism malaysia : - dutch/english guide : : : - german malaysia forum : - german malaysia forum : [portal of the star newspaper] :


General Information

Photo Gallery Malaysia :

Truly beautiful pictures of malaysia :

The history of Malaya :

Maps of Malaysia :

Hostels / Guesthouses

Red Palm (Kuala Lumpur) :

Travellers Palm (Kuala Lumpur) :

Eastern Heritage (Melaka) :

Fern Loft (Singapore) :

Fern Loft (Singapore) :

The Inn-Crowd (Singapore) :

Sama Sama Guesthouse (Melaka) :

Sama Sama Guesthouse (Melaka) :

Betel Box (Singapore) :


Travelling by bus :

Railway Malaysia :

Railway Malaysia :

Transnasional - national bus company :

Transnasional - national bus company :

Monorail - transport system in downtown KL :

how to travel by train [] :

how to travel by train [] :

Air Asia (budget airline) :

Berjaya Air (flights to Tioman, Redang, Pangkor, Koh Samui) :


The Star :

Malaysiakini (independent online newspaper) :

Malaysiakini (independent online newspaper) :

New Strait Times :

Malay Mail (yellow press type newspaper) :

Harian Metro (malay language newspaper) :

Utusan (malay language newspaper) :

Kuala Lumpur

Wikitravel: Kuala Lumpur : Kuala Lumpur :

KL nightlife :

Cinema: TGV :

foto gallery Kuala Lumpur :

Pictures of KL 100 years ago :

Yahoo: Kuala Lumpur :;_ylt=ArpDwtzR8sK8Rzjy26wv1ApUFWoL

Yahoo: Kuala Lumpur :;_ylt=ArpDwtzR8sK8Rzjy26wv1ApUFWoL

KLCC Aquaria (the new aquarium next to the twin towers) :

KLCC Aquaria (the new aquarium next to the twin towers) :

Menara KL (KL Tower) :

Menara KL (KL Tower) :

Sungei Wang (Shopping Mall in Bukit Bintang) :

Penang :

East Malaysia, Borneo (Sabah, Sarawak)

official website of Sabah Toursim Board :

official Sarawak website :

Rainforest World Music Festival in July :


Perhentian Island Info :

Traveller's Websites

4 Climates (Marco & Anne in Borneo, Thailand, Nepal, India) :


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